Inspired by the first terrestrial supercontinent Pangea, single glass plates that consist of heat-resistant borosilicate glass are fused at 2000°C. The whole developmental process of Pangea Lamps resembles the birth of a star, and the radiance, as well as the lava shred-like light reflection on floor and walls is unique.

Lighting designer Gerhard Hochmuth worked together with glassblower Bernd Weinmayer to realise this innovative lighting concept. The focal point was on the use of high-quality materials, which are produced and assembled at glass studio Weinmayer in Mariastein/Tyrol.

Technical Info

Pangea L
  • COB LED 25 Watt; light colour 2700 K; 1750 lm
    equivalent to 100 Watt light bulb; CRI 90;
    radiation angle 120°; life: 50 000h
  • driver 700mA; input voltage 180-295 VAC;
    output voltage 24-48 V
Pangea S
  • COB LED 15 Watt; light colour 2700 K;
    850 lm equivalent to 60 Watt light bulb; CRI 90;
    radiation angle 120°; life: 50 000h
  • driver 350mA; input voltage 180-295 VAC;
    output voltage 24-48 V


Our “Pangeas“ are equipped with customised high performance components that comply with luminaire standard EN 60598-1, as well as all conventional safety criteria. The glass body consists of 5mm thick tempered glass (borosilicate glass), and the whole sphere including the mounting ring for the heat sink is fused at 2000°C. The lamp system merely consist of 2 parts – one glass lampshade and the customised LED lighting technology pre-assembled on the heat sink, cable and baldachin.

The heat sink including the integrated light can be screwed into the sphere’s cavity without any additional tools. The glass body’s surface is matted by sandblasting and in combination with the internal sandblasted glass core pivots this ensures perfect 360° illumination without glare.

Our “Pangeas“ contain high-power LEDs produced by Bridgelux. We recommend and choose to use a pleasant, warm colour of light with a temperature of 2700 Kelvin, comparable to a halogen lamp. The steel strain relief cable is fitted into a transparent cable and holds the sphere’s whole weight (Pangea L approx. 6kg, Pangea S approx. 2kg). Consequently, the live cable bears no load.

The turned aluminium cooling element responsible for dissipating the LED chip’s heat is available in silver and black anodised. When operated continuously, the cooling element’s temperature can rise to safe 65°C. The powder-coated baldachins contain LED drivers produced by Meanwell, which are dimmable thanks to reverse phase control dimmers and create a pleasant atmosphere.

Should the LED circuit board fail despite its 50 000h lifespan, you can easily change it at glass studio Weinmayer. The sphere is detachable with a screw thread and the whole electrical segment can be sent in for replacement.


Bernd Weinmayer has worked as a self-employed gaffer in Mariastein/Tyrol since 1994. In his numerous works, displayed in national, as well as international collections, he presents a perfect symbiosis of unique, hand-crafted glass objects and light. See www.weinmayer.at for further information.
Gerhard Hochmuth is lighting designer and professional lamp developer with roots in Iceland. He is also a qualified glassblower.


When placing your order, please specify the type of lamp (Pangea L or Pangea S), the required total length and the colour of metal parts.

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